Monday, September 25, 2006

Evening Cohort Tuesday 8:45 Starbucks Vestavia Center

Hey gang,

Our first "evening cohort" will be tmrw evening (Tuesday 8:45 Sept 26th Starbucks at Vestavia Center). Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can pull some tables together in front of Starbucks and Moes. Come and bring a friend.

Some suggested things we might want to discuss:

1) We can continue to explore the topic from our morning meeting this past month .....summary from Greg here below
"we can ask ourselves what needs to be looked at in our own congregational life, or practice of faith. In other words, we are often being prompted by others to ask questions and theologically reflect on the gospel, attractional versus incarnational ideas, evangelism, church "leadership", institutionalism versus organic life, and a host of other subjects. What would we identify as areas needing attention and fresh inquiry in our own congregational life? Maybe we could start our discussion here"

2) What Mike is doing in his CBF tribe as it relates to missional and emerging things

3) We can hear and discuss what Nick has learned from his podcast conversations with Tall Skini, Webb, and McLaren...others

4) Lastly we can see if Scott Cole is still humble and grounded after becoming a TV Celebrity , globally recognized Financial Planning public figure..


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