Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Birmingham Emergent Cohort Gathering Tues Oct 24 8:45 PM

Just a reminder of our monthly evening cohort Tues evening Oct 24 th at 8:45 PM. Our location will be the Krispy Kreme on Hwy 31. We are open to other locations next month....but it was a place that stayed open after 10 PM and got us out of the cooler temps that we will probably have Tues evening. Scott is working on lining up Fisher Humphries ( theologian from Samford) for our Novemeber gathering. Since I am lame at coming up with conversation topics-and it never seems like we are never at a shortage of conversation - Lets just gather. Bring something that has been on your mind lately...
Nick- reminder- if you don't mind letting me borrow the Rollins book....


Blogger Brian T. Murphy said...

nick invited me to this thing, and I told him it sounded freaky. like a bunch of angry christians yelling over eachother.

I had no idea you were apart of it.

10:44 AM  

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