Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the gist of the conversation . . .

Good, messy conversation today about Christians being prophetic rather than a chaplain to the culture or a sponsor of other institutions. We wrestled with ideas of engagement, dialogue on political/social matters, and the role Christians are to take in boldly living out a kingdom of God reality and ethic against the backdrop of the way our cultural context is working.

Realistically we feel a tension between having some partisan implications whenever one becomes engaged (i.e. votes for anyone) while maintaining the ability to critique our society in light of God. Can say we tried to discover a way other than non-participation on one hand, and adaptation to our society's status quo on the other.

General agreement that the old dictum of "don't talk about football or politics" is not possible for those seeking to live in the Kingdom of God.


Blogger nicholasfiedler said...

Birmingham cohort. I haven't been able to be at the past couple cohorts, but I regret to say that I now have a real job and won't be able to make future cohorts, I don't know how many people are continually meeting. But at the next cohort could we plan a night, maybe once a month or so. To hit a pub. I will be working 8.30-5.30 so if there could be a night even once a month, I would still love to meet with you guys and talk emergent.

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