Monday, August 25, 2008

Next Meeting

Last minute change of plans here. We'll be meeting at emuna's space ( Tuesday (tomorrow) night, 8pm. Tim Mayhall and friends of Shades Valley Community Church are hosting/curating the space and we've been invited to check it out. Tim said he'll put on some coffee and maybe have some pie. We'll press Tim for a hard definition of what emuna is, and press him even harder for a traditional statement of faith. Looking forward to the conversation. If we get around to it, maybe we'll talk about the EV podcast on social justice. No need to rsvp--hope to see you there.

emuna is the old ice-skating rink in Homewood. address: 160 Oxmoor Rd. Birmingham, AL 35209
Tim's cell in case you get lost: 205-223-8727


Blogger Hannah said...

This is Hannah Bevills, Editor for which is a social network made specifically for Christians, by Christians, to directly fulfill Christian's needs. We embarked on this endeavor to offer the ENTIRE christian community an outlet to join together as one (no matter denomination) and better spread the good word of Christianity. has many great features aside from the obvious like christian TV, prayer request or even find a church/receive advice. We have emailed you because we have interest in collaborating with you and your blog to help us spread the good word. I look forward to an email regarding the matter, Thanks!

God Bless
|Hannah Bevills||

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