Thursday, August 31, 2006

Topic and New Meeting Time??

For our next Tuesday (Sept. 12) I wanted to suggest at least a beginning point for our discussion(and I heartily welcome other suggestions!!) – that we ask ourselves what needs to be looked at in our own congregational life, or practice of faith. In other words, we are often being prompted by others to ask questions and theologically reflect on the gospel, attractional versus incarnational ideas, evangelism, church “leadership”, institutionalism versus organic life, and a host of other subjects. What would we identify as areas needing attention and fresh inquiry in our own congregational life? Maybe we could start our discussion here.

Also, a suggestion has been made to include a evening cohort meeting – and a little informal discussion brought up the idea of maybe the second Tuesday of the month being a morning meeting, and the fourth Tuesday an evening conversation. Ideas? Suggestions?


Greg Newton


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