Monday, November 20, 2006

Next Birmingham Cohort with Dr. Fisher Humphries Tues 11/28 8:45PM Krispy Kreme

Birmingham Emergent Cohort,
Just a reminder that due to thanksgiving holidays we will delay our Cohort gathering until next Tuesday 11/28 at 8:45PM. Location again is Krispy Kreme on Hwy 31. Scott Cole has secured a guest for next week's Cohort ( Dr. Fisher Humphries- professor of theology at Samford). We will discuss some different ways believers have thought about God's interaction with the world. We will explore the typical stuff and hopefully the less typical also. This should be really rich discussion.......
Other stuff:
Check out Nick's podcast interview with Pete Rollins from of How (not) to Speak of God. Nick let me borrow this and I have passed it on to Jennifer so you can buy it or get in line. Some related discussion here
Nicks blog and Podcast here:
Welcome to Mike Holly ( a minister at Trussville First United Methodist) who will be joining us on a regular basis. He is connected the conversation through some retreats he has done with Sweet , McLaren and ministry down in South Africa
I also took the liberty of adding two or three people to this email list with the thought that you might be interested in hanging out next Tuesday evening.....come hang with us if you have time. If you know of any emails I should add to the list- send them my way. Invite any kindred spirits who might be interested in the conversation
Ken Haynes

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Theological, uhhmm, Philosophical Conversation

The 2007 Emergent Theological Conversation
April 16-18, 2007. Philadephia

The 2007 Emergent Theological Philosophical Conversation

“What Would Jesus Deconstruct?
A Conversation about Justice”

a conversation with John D. Caputo,
and featuring Richard Kearney

$145 before March 1, 2007
$160 after March 1, 2007
Eastern University, Philadelphia, PA
April 14-16

register here

The annual theological conversation has been a high point in the life of Emergent Village for many years. In the past, our conversations with the likes of Stanley Hauerwas, Dallas Willard, Walter Bruegemann, Nancey Murphy, and Miroslav Volf have been the fodder for reflection and discussion for weeks and months. This year will be no different.

We are thrilled to be meeting this year with our friend, Jack Caputo. Jack is arguably the preeminent interpreter of Jacques Derrida and was a close friend of the deconstructionist-in-chief. But Caputo is also a philosopher of the first rank in his own right, penning such works at Radical Hermeneutics and More Radical Hermeneutics. Recently, his attention has turned to matters religious, and he has written for two of Emergent Village’s publishing partners, Abingdon Press and Baker Books. He was also a speaker at the EmergentYS Convention, where he always packed rooms. Jack retired from the philosophy department at Villanova after 36 years there, and he is now a professor in the religion department at Syracuse. You can read more about him here and here.

At Jack’s request, we will also be joined by Richard Kearney, the chair of the philosophy department at Boston College. Richard has written two dozen books, including a couple of novels and a collection of poetry. Like Jack, Richard is interested in the limits of philosophy and the intersections between decontruction and religion. He has also been involved in the drafting of peace accords in his native Ireland. You can read more about him here and here.

The format of the theological philosophical conversation is relatively informal and highly dialogical. We begin after dinner on Monday evening with a plenary conversation; there’s another conversation on Tuesday morning, and a third on Wednesday morning. Tuesday afternoon is spent in smaller break-out groups, with the possibility to also visit some ministries in Philly. We won’t ask Jack and Richard to prepare anything, but we will ask those who register to read three books prior to the conversation.

Emergent Village thanks Eastern University for graciously hosting us on their campus.

Details about hotels, transportation, and the reading list will come soon.

register here