Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tonight's Meeting - New Locale

Hopefully most of you got the facebook change....but figured the weather might still be a little cool for an outside gig tmrw-so we moved the location to Sol Azteca in Vestavia. Feel free to come a little early. Reservations under my name.....Reminder- we are having some conversation with the Birmingham Freethinkers/Secularist group......

Come one Come all.......

Ken Haynes

Monday, April 21, 2008

April Meeting

Emergent Cohorters,

If ok with everyone- we are going to slide our monthly cohort to the 5th Tuesday this month. So that would be next Tuesday the 29th 7:45 PM. We are hoping for an outside gig at Jackson's so we can actually hear the conversation...We are moving our date to accommodate some special guests this month. The Birmingham atheist/freethinkers society engaged us to see if they could join us for some open dialogue and discussion. No debate smackdown kind of stuff.......just some good dialogue.

Nick and Josh continue to have some good podcast.....I enjoyed this one as I worked in the yard last week. It is about a longtime friendship between a theist and atheist.... You can listen here http://thenickandjoshpodcast.com/2008/04/06/ep-79-purple-state-of-mind/

Main thing you need to do is RSVP so we see what kind of crowd we are working with.....so yeah- either via email or through facebook.Let me know.... Ken Haynes