Monday, August 25, 2008

Next Meeting

Last minute change of plans here. We'll be meeting at emuna's space ( Tuesday (tomorrow) night, 8pm. Tim Mayhall and friends of Shades Valley Community Church are hosting/curating the space and we've been invited to check it out. Tim said he'll put on some coffee and maybe have some pie. We'll press Tim for a hard definition of what emuna is, and press him even harder for a traditional statement of faith. Looking forward to the conversation. If we get around to it, maybe we'll talk about the EV podcast on social justice. No need to rsvp--hope to see you there.

emuna is the old ice-skating rink in Homewood. address: 160 Oxmoor Rd. Birmingham, AL 35209
Tim's cell in case you get lost: 205-223-8727