Thursday, August 31, 2006

Topic and New Meeting Time??

For our next Tuesday (Sept. 12) I wanted to suggest at least a beginning point for our discussion(and I heartily welcome other suggestions!!) – that we ask ourselves what needs to be looked at in our own congregational life, or practice of faith. In other words, we are often being prompted by others to ask questions and theologically reflect on the gospel, attractional versus incarnational ideas, evangelism, church “leadership”, institutionalism versus organic life, and a host of other subjects. What would we identify as areas needing attention and fresh inquiry in our own congregational life? Maybe we could start our discussion here.

Also, a suggestion has been made to include a evening cohort meeting – and a little informal discussion brought up the idea of maybe the second Tuesday of the month being a morning meeting, and the fourth Tuesday an evening conversation. Ideas? Suggestions?


Greg Newton

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the gist of the conversation . . .

Good, messy conversation today about Christians being prophetic rather than a chaplain to the culture or a sponsor of other institutions. We wrestled with ideas of engagement, dialogue on political/social matters, and the role Christians are to take in boldly living out a kingdom of God reality and ethic against the backdrop of the way our cultural context is working.

Realistically we feel a tension between having some partisan implications whenever one becomes engaged (i.e. votes for anyone) while maintaining the ability to critique our society in light of God. Can say we tried to discover a way other than non-participation on one hand, and adaptation to our society's status quo on the other.

General agreement that the old dictum of "don't talk about football or politics" is not possible for those seeking to live in the Kingdom of God.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bham Cohort News

Hey gang,

Hope everyone is doing well.....past three cohort meetings have been rich ....covering the spectrum of NT Wright's work on rethinking atonement to discussing our Netlix que and then "free association" conversation for an hour or so.

Big Thanks to Nicholas Fiedler who has recorded a few of our cohort gatherings. This has obviously been convenient as many of us travel through the summer and can't make every gathering- but would like to listen in on the dialogue. You can subscibe to the Nick and Josh Podcast via this link

Logistics...we still meet 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month at Panera at 8 AM. We usually go 90 min or so.....but leave when you have to.

Tuesday 8/8 we will discuss faith/politics/commmunity life...sparked somewhat by the recent upheavel up at a MN church... should be good conversation. Read the NY Times article and some of Scot's post if you get a chance this week....

For those in the Birmingham and surrounding area......just show up if you have recently stumbled on to this blog. No invitation necessary.....just come hang out. Call or email me if you want to know more....but there is really nothing more you need to know. cell : 205-401-4595